Why Choose MCS

MCS and Consulting
Corporate and nonprofit organizational clients choose MCS because of the one-on-one consulting that Dr. Z offers and his unique ability to cut to the core workplace disputes, processes, and messaging. He does not hold his knowledge of organizational communication over clients but rather tries to share his knowledge with organizational members. In the Information Age, organizations are not just managing people anymore but rather managing events and perceptions of events. Crafting well-planned internal and external messages is one of the most significant aspects for businesses today.

Dr. Z uses a variety of research techniques to fully understand current and future organizational goals and provide concrete advice to achieve the client’s vision. His goal is always to create “understanding” through well designed messages. He offers a variety of communication services that are tailored to your immediate needs, including issues regarding (a) employees and management, (b) customers and your organization, and (c) your organizational network. He tries to teach you how to identify and rectify communication issues before they arise so you aren’t constantly relying on outside advice. His consulting services are really about organizational learning that leads to improved business relationships.

MCS and Mediation
Mediation clients choose MCS because of Dr. Schaefer’s communication expertise and ability to connect with people. He is a communication process expert who understands how and why people should communicate effectively. When conflict emerges, communication is rarely a straightforward process, but it is still useful. Dr. Schaefer uses his knowledge of communication to create a transparent process that is always addressing the client’s needs.

His office space, laid-back demeanor, and approachable personality create a comfortable and safe environment where clients can discuss difficult and emotional issues. He does not assume he knows more about your problems or lives than you do, and he uses questions to help you articulate what it is “you want out of mediation.” His Contextual Mediation style is effective because both parties begin to see a bigger picture that often involves changing the nature of one’s current relationship — he reminds people about simple communication skills to help them redefine relationships and move on with life.

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