Consulting Philosophy

The type of consulting that MCS provides is to teach managers and employees the tools to identify, analyze, and overcome communication issues. Dr. Z utilizes a hands-on approach when working with corporate and non-profit organizations by helping them understand the importance of context.  Dr. Z aims to understand the causes, symptoms, and consequences of problems by tying them to the contextual environment of the business, which includes business networks, employee-employer relations, the organization’s approach to conflict, and the organizational norms, values, and communication practices. The goal is to holistically understand the situation that leads to measurable changes in behaviors and the bottom line.

Consultations begin with an in-depth conversation about the immediate problem or project. Dr. Z’s expertise in qualitative research allows him to derive accurate analyses and predictions from his observations and conversations with employees. MCS helps businesses maintain a dual focus on short-term goals and long-term growth.

MCS works with a wide variety of departments and professionals — from Human Resources to Operations Management — and will provide advice to CEOs and customer service representatives. The most successful organizations value all of their employees and create environments where people look forward to work.

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