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Training Hecklers

A few months back I was conducting a training seminar for about 30 law enforcement officials. The title of the presentation was “Mediation Skills in Law Enforcement.” After some brief introductions and stereotypical presentation humor, I began to summarize the … Continue reading

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Uncovering Anchors Prevents ‘Naked’ Numbers

The Fallacy of ‘Homo Economicus’ In the realm of Economics, it is assumed that people act rationally and make decisions that are always in one’s best interests. Economists call this “Maximizing Utility,” and traditional economics theory suggests that humans are … Continue reading

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The Appropriate Amount of ‘Presence’ in Multi-Party Facilitations

I recently conducted a multi-party facilitation and am seeking feedback from other conflict management professionals and attorneys who have facilitated similar situations. I will provide some background about the issue, discuss my perspective on how it went,  and then conclude … Continue reading

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Customized Relationship Guides

How often do people read manuals? Rarely. The only time people pull out the manual is when an appliance or vehicle breaks down. Why should relationships be any different? We don’t go into a friendship or marriage with a set … Continue reading

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Audience-Centered Communication

Audiences should be at the center of any well-crafted message. Continue reading

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