MCS has mediated, consulted, trained, and coached both individual professionals and entire organizations. Dr. Z’s knowledge of organizational communication, effective management practices, leadership skills, conflict management, and mediation skills can benefit a diverse array of professionals, organizations, and industries.

Recent Clients Include:

MCS has mediated, consulted, trained, or coached the following professionals and organizations:

IL and MO City Government Officials
Health Care Professionals
Construction Contractors
Banking Professionals
Financial Advisers
Marketing Professionals
College Faculty and Administration
Non-Profit/Not-for-Profit Organizations
Lawyers and Judges
Mental Health Advocates
Automobile Technicians
Mortgage Brokers
Information Technologists
Retail Professionals
Law Enforcement Organizations

What clients are saying about Mediation and Communication Solutions:
Dr. Schaefer has been working with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for the past several months on a project focused on increasing the effectiveness of our interview and selection process.  Dr. Schaefer has taken a collaborative approach to this project, utilizing a number of innovative methods to encourage involvement and input from managers and supervisors across the organization.  Dr. Schaefer has demonstrated both his expertise in the field of organizational communication and his understanding of the unique challenges we face as an organization.   –Jim, Human Resources Manager

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