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Dr. Zach Schaefer (Dr. Z) is an educator, researcher, and consultant. In addition to running his own mediation and management consulting business, he is also an Assistant Professor of Speech Communication at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He understands that conflict and communication are natural human processes that are closely linked together. He wants to share his understanding of the communication-conflict connection with others in the St. Louis Metropolitan area because he knows it can improve personal and professional lives.

Dr. Z thinks and writes about communication, conflict, and mediation. His research program is concerned with teaching individuals and organizations how to address, discuss, and manage conflict. Although difficult conversations are never fun, they are always necessary — they often improve and clarify relationships. He has conducted extensive research regarding mediation and has been published in both academic and professional outlets. In short, Dr. Z knows that effective communication is a building block to happy, healthy, and wealthy lives.

  • Over 180 Hours of Basic, Family, and Civil Mediation Training
  • Over 70 Hours as a Mediation Trainer
  • Consulted with a Variety of Public and Private Organizations
  • Published in both Academic and Professional Outlets

Dr. Schaefer’s Vitae

Dr. Zach Schaefer

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