About MCS

MCS strives to holistically understand clients’ needs by applying communication principles and research techniques to create productive solutions and conversations. There are two unique facets to the business: Mediation and Management Consulting.

The conflict management aspect utilizes mediation as a way to talk about and overcome conflicts outside of a courtroom. Mediation is a safe and effective manner to address conflicts and is being used to solve a variety of issues throughout the U.S. MCS mediation services are appropriate for family/domestic issues, disputes involving court-ordered mediation, commercial conflicts, and a wide variety of general civil issues.

Management and Communication Consulting
For communication consulting within corporate and nonprofit organizations, MCS begins with a thorough discussion with the client led by Dr. Schaefer (Dr. Z). He asks a variety of questions to better understand the underlying issues, with the goal of crafting and carrying out coherent messages that serve to benefit your organization. The client’s short and long term goals are always taken into consideration when establishing new messages or revamping previously established organizational ideas, processes, or programs.

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